1. chris mahoney

    I own eight 164s, four are S and four are L. None are Qs. Of my 75 cars, the 164s are the best. Astounding that they’re cheaper than used Hyundais. Amazing power-to weight ratio, plus FWD which makes for super handling. Only negative is the pathetic HVAC system, which belongs on a Metro Geo or a Plymouth Horizon.

    • Graham

      Chris – my dream combo would combine the appearance of an LS with the reliability of the S engine. Dark blue. I sold my LS earlier this year, but it was the most enjoyable all-around car I’ve owned. Too bad I starved the oil pick-up on an 80 mph off-ramp adventure…

  2. Fred Russell

    The 164 is an under-rated car. Yes, it has parts that wear out and are hard to find. Yes, a few things don’t make sense. The rest of the story is they drive very well, at speed, and simply around town. The S is fast, comfortable, and sounds great. The look is excellent as it never says its age. True Italian. My driveway is filled with 164s.

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