1. Denis Gauthier

    They are fantastic cars the way Enzo want them to be (his last car was a 330 GT 2+2).
    Mine is a 1994 GT rosso corsa European version (no airbag)

    • Graham

      Denis, I have never seen a red 456 GT. I like the idea of the juxtaposition of the GT predilection of the 456 and the racing intents of the Rosso Corsa. If you’d like, please email me a photo of your car to graham@blythbros.com and I will post it to our facebook page.

      As for the 330 GT heritage, it’s interesting how much value those cars have now, compared to the Pininfarina 400/400i that replaced them. While I prefer the earlier cars, I think that the 400i and the 456 are equally special and attractive. Why the love for the 400? I’m a big Pininfarina fan – my 95 Alfa 164LS never ceases to strike me with its beauty.

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