1. Jared Black

    Thanks for the story. Twenty years after your Germany experience I had a similar one. As a young officer in Germany I got my first (and second) BMW. I enjoyed all the twistys and even made it to a BMW sponsored driving class and the Nürburgring with a loaner BMW track car. Still, I lusted after the Porsches that passed me on the autobahn. When I got back to the states I dropped some saved cash on a used 997 cab (from my college grad year) and I couldn’t be happier. Now I just need to get stationed back in Europe again so I can use the performance every day.

    I hope you enjoy your P-car. Its good to see dream fulfillment.

    • Thanks for reading, plus commenting with a similar story line. Your 997 cab is a favorite, but my nostalgia era is a bit earlier than yours. Further, I doubt that my license would have survived returning to CONUS with a fast car. I literally had to buy a Subaru Justy to slow me down, and that was to exorcise German driving in cars that weren’t particularly long-legged (205 GTI; euro-spec MR2). Our 626 Touring Turbo could have proved troublesome, but luckily my wife was the primary driver, and the torque steer through three gears may have provided enough of a kick that the speeds stayed sane. On that note, you may have seen my son’s recent Milano Verde posting, in which he notes a story that he’s heard dozens of times: my wife and I test-driving a Verde and completely forgetting that Rt. 283 in Lancaster County wasn’t, say, Autobahn 1 toward Hamburg.

  2. this last photo is a glorious tribute to Porsche in general and the 911 in particular. I want to ask how the magic is accomplished but I know I would not initially understand the explanation. So for the time being, I will be content with not knowing and just enjoy the art for what it is.

    • Graham

      It’s a panning shot! You slow down the shutter speed and follow the moving object while taking the photo. Admittedly, I didn’t capture the 911 in perfect focus on that one, but it was getting dark. Thanks for the question.

  3. Rohan

    Wow. What a fantastic story. Glad to see you’ve finally got your hands on that 911, enjoy it. Excellent photography, as well.

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