1. W T Dean

    Graham, what a loss. Your spirit survives.

    Expecting to attend EyesOn Design in June.


  2. Caroline Waugh

    Seeing the picture of the garage was a shock. I was pulling for the Milano project and hoping you would be able to really tame the demons. I say this as someone who lost a Milano to a garbage truck. It was a wonderful quirky car. It got those odd looks when you rolled the windows by reaching up, pulling the bread basket e brake. Ours made fun memories doing four wheel drifts in the Adirondacks when we made a wrong turn in Lake Placid, camping on Cape Cod and Maine (with a dog). It was Hubby’s first NEW car.

    The exhaust note? Bar none one of the best. Even my father who owned two Alfa’s over the years would sigh over it. Nothing sings like an Italian.

    Yes they say cars can be replaced, but somehow there are those that just weasel your heart…..you can replace but you will never forget.

    Would love to hand you a beer and sigh, and remember the Milanos we knew and loved.

    (BTW The GTi too, I have my son’s Scirocco and there is something about a Mk 1 Dub as well….)

    • Graham

      Caroline, thank you so much for sharing. It reminds me of what I loved so much about that car. You clearly get it. And, yes, there is something about the MK1 VWs as well. Thanks for commenting, and hopefully you can follow along on the next Alfa build!

      • Caroline Waugh

        Oh I think I certainly will! I also enjoy your photography and your art shots of Things on the Bench.

        I do hope you can scare up another Alfa or two, and if I had enough nerve I would take a shot with a GTV6, kind of an ugly rear, but love the front end! (and whats under the hood……)

  3. I used to visit you website every now and then, reading the articles about your Alfas and enjoying the great pictures, and my heart sunk when I read this…man, I´m so sorry…I hope you´re ok, and soon you´ll start a new project.

    Best of wishes, and kind regards from Spain.

  4. Gianni

    I haven’t been by your site in a while. I was shocked when I saw the picture and the post title. Sorry that you lost your Milano and your mk1 GTI. I’m glad no one was hurt and both you and your dog made it out OK.

    Best wishes, Gianni

  5. Gio

    Thanks for making me feel better. I sank everything i had into my alfas.i sacrificed holidays, relationships, family and friends just so that i could look after my neglected gtv v6 (the 916 that you don’t get in the us). I replaced every part,dealt with blown head gaskets, stolen interior, unreliable parts, broken ecu etc etc. But i gave up and gave it to a mechanic to fix ,who ended up messing it even more. But you my friend, you had incredible square balls,you kept going and going! That milano you bought was really unlucky/neglected, you must be like the ironman of alfas. I’m sorry for your loss, that was really unlucky. I hope you have better luck, even though it won’t be difficult. Oh and I’m surprised you still have a girlfriend:)

    • Graham

      “If you’re going through hell, keep going” applies here, I think! Sorry to hear about your experience. The payoff is worth it :)

  6. Selorm Ankah

    Hey Graham! its been forever. Thought about you and remembered you mentioned a blog prior. Really interesting and detailed read albeit disheartening. Sad to hear you lost that Alfa.. Though i only understood about 20% of the engineering lingo it seems like you would be back and running in no time.

    • Graham

      Haha I’d call it “mechanic” lingo not engineering lingo, but nonetheless GREAT to hear from you man. Thanks for the condolences – how are the Nissan products treating you?

  7. SelormA

    Good to hear from you too man. Congrats on the new purchase!. Nissan’s still treating me fair… picked one up for my sister and still have mine. Also just bought a ’12 Mustang V6. Loving it so far… we need to catch up sometime. Take care!

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