1. Nikola Bozic

    If engine is in good condition and not consuming coolant fluid and not to much of oil,Milano is a very good car for everyday use and trips.Have an eye on oil pressure and coolant temperature to prevent any possible damages to engine and all will be good.
    Things like rubber guibos on prop shaft needs to be in good condition and concerning your rear brake rotor lost all bolts should be checked and tightened because you never know what was done and who was doing what on a car which is now yours and did your car had a tough youth :-).
    I am from Zadar,Croatia,Europe and I have two 3 liter 75 America (that was car name in Europe),one Milano Gold automatic and GTV 6 so I know that cars very well.
    I enjoyed reading your story and pictures are great.
    I hardly wait for a next adventures with a Milano :-)
    Carry on and good luck with a Milano.

    Nikola Bozic

    • Graham

      Hey Nikola – thanks for the tips!

      We’ll keep you up to date on the Milano, no doubt. Feel free to share photos of your Alfas on the facebook page.

  2. Nice writeup. Takes me back to my 3 year stint with a Verde while in Business School. Before leaving for 2 years of school with no income I took the Verde to Dean Russell in Dearborn, MI and told him “fix anything that’s broken or going to break in the next 2 years.” It’s one of the few times I’ve paid for service and definitely got my money’s worth. The Verde performed flawlessly until I sheared it’s oil pan off on a Pittsburgh manhole cover that was sticking up 2″ out of the street. A new oil pan and it kept on going.

    I couldn’t resist rolling down the windows every time I went through a tunnel, man that exhaust note is just amazing!

    Enjoy the Verde, it sounds like you already are!


    • Graham

      Thanks for the great response, Ian. Coincidentally, I just moved to Dearborn, MI for work, and one of the motivators for relocating was proximity to Dean’s shop. It’s nice to be able to run over for parts that I’d need to wait 3 days for had I ordered them online.

      So, what replaced the Verde??

      • Nothing did after business school, I moved to San Francisco, took the ’71 Spider I had in storage, and drove that when needed. After a few years when I needed to commute out of the city I picked up a 1994 164LS 5-speed. Great highway car, too soft for corners. So much fun to hear it scream after paying the toll on the Bay Bridge and winding it up!

        These days I’m down to a 1974 Alfa Berlina daily driver, and hoping to pick up a GTV6 if a good one comes along.

        Say hi to Dean for me, I’m not sure he’ll remember me, but he might still have the shell of a blue Berlina hiding behind his shop that I sold him.

  3. So… the Blyth family makes an automotive pilgrimage to NC, and I don’t get a call? Well, that’s your loss. You probably missed a few better roads than the over-hyped and over-crowded Dragon, the quietly famous Diamondback for example. Or my personal favorite: NC 151, a three mile roller coaster that essentially falls off the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway (still not sure if up or down is more fun).

    Next time. I’ll bring the Porsche.

    Glad it was only a brake rotor. Weird though.

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